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About Freesoul Caffé Pet Friendly Restaurant:

With love and respect for all beings and our planet, Freesoulcaffé was established in 2010 to provide wholesome, sustainable foods for an alternative, compassionate way of life. For those who are making a noble transition to a plant-based diet or are simply making a healthier, more conscious choice, Freesoulcaffé uses only 100% natural, high quality, plant-based ingredients. This includes no eggs, honey, nor dairy products of any kind. Our wide selection of nutritious entrees, soups, organic salads, sandwiches, burgers, pastas, pizzas and decadent desserts are made fresh daily.

To ensure highest quality, flavor, and freshness in what we make, our foods are meticulously prepared from scratch. We bake our own graham crackers for cheesecakes and pies. We roast our own peppers, Portobello mushrooms and Roma tomatoes for sandwiches and soups. Our artisan pizza dough, dressings, spreads, and sauces are all made in-house daily.

We constantly strive to be the best at what we do to make plant-based diet exciting to the palate. This is why we continually test and refine our recipes to make our foods not only healthy and light but also hardy and flavorful.

All the soups and salads we offer are gluten-free and soy-free. The gluten-free, soy-free desserts we carry are the chocolate chip cookies, peanut butter bars and coconut-almond bars. All of our products are dairy-free. Our butter, cream cheese, and cheese are all soy-based, vegetable oil-based, or nut-based. Some of our in-house cheeses are nut-based such as the goat cheese (made from cashew) and feta cheese (made from blanched almond). Our drinks are made with organic, non-GMO soy milk or a choice of almond milk. All of our chocolate products such as chocolate chips and cocoa powder are dairy-free with at least 72% cocoa content. We use only plant-based ingredients in all of our products. We use only raw, unrefined cane sugar for our baked goods. We serve agave nectar, an all-natural, low-glycemic sweetener derived from the agave plant as an alternative to sugar. It is commonly safe for type 2 diabetics with non-insulin dependency. Changes, modifications & substitutes politely declined. We support local, sustainable & organic practices whenever possible.

Come in and visit our pet friendly restaurant!

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